Handcrafted Wooden Skulls



Skulls – An Introduction: What Do You See?

It’s interesting to discover how one man’s production of carved wooden skulls connects to history, mythology, anthropology, psychology, and even physiology… There’s a small part of the human brain that has a very specific responsibility: it recognizes faces. This...

Skulls in Art: Better than Pictures

Original oil painting by Frans Hals, 1625 typifies the Vanitas genre with symbolic images of a nearly-extinguished candle, a wilting flower, and of course, a skull. Photograph from Wikipedia Commons.When photographic techniques and equipment were developed, artists...

Tattoos: Skulls to Wear

Long ago and right now, one of the images most frequently tattooed on people’s bodies is skulls. Whether they be grinning, smiling, threatening, wrapped in ribbons or words or flowers or flames, skulls seem to be nearly universal in appeal.As one website dedicated...

Skulls for Partying: Celebrating the Day of the Dead

When Richard and Judy visited Mexico during late October, they were struck by signs of coming festivities everywhere: paper and foil decorations and an air of holiday excitement and fun, and shop windows full of … painted skulls It seemed a strange combination of...

Skulls in Literature

Did you know that a skull has one of the most recognized and beloved roles in Shakespeare’s plays?In “the Scottish play” (theater folks know about the “curse” that is attached to Hamlet, and won’t say the title aloud), the hero, Prince Hamlet, is tossed a skull that...

Skulls: Funerary Objects Around the World

There’s a certain accessory that sometimes holds a place of focus in the homes of trendy young fashionistas: skulls. Skulls realistic, skulls stylized, wood skulls, 3D wooden skulls, skulls decorated and skulls plain, and although it sounds a trifle gruesome to some,...

Crystal Skulls: Ancient, Alien, or Modern?

“Crystal skull” carved from a single block of quartz , acquired from Tiffany and Co., New York around 1897 by the British Museum, dating probably to the second half of the 19th century. Photograph at britishmuseum.org, Research News, Studying the Crystal Skull,...

Skulls: From Life to Death (the meaning of skull and crossbones)

Argh, mateys! Would you like to hear a tale of death and regret, of dying on the high seas, and of death in a bottle where little kiddies are warned never to pry?Well then, put up your saber and pull up a stool, and listen.We all know it well, we do, the little skull...








“I gave a spalted maple skull keychain to my wife and she absolutely loves it! We really appreciate the high quality of craftsmanship and love the grain and unique character of the spalted maple wood. The photos looked good but it’s even better in real life.”


“I was lucky enough to be given one of Richard’s small wooden skull pins, to mark a milestone in my life. I love wearing it because it is so pretty and well-crafted, and also because people often notice and comment on it. It’s been the start of many wonderful conversations!”


“My life size walnut wooden skull is unique and creative.  The quality of the wood, the grain and care in its production makes it a favorite in my office.  Highly recommended.”


“We were very happy to find this company’s beautiful wooden skulls. We purchased the 8-inch walnut one for our son, who loves skulls. He LOVES his gift. We were all impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship, and the wood – it is really a Fine Art piece!

“The beauty of it inspired me to learn more about skulls, and particularly why the fascination by so many with them. I was surprised skulls symbolize so many diverse character traits that actually exemplify our son – intelligence, strength, courage, free-thinkingness… and a bit of rebelliousness, too!”


I am a huge skull lover. Wear them all the time and have them in my house on shirts and so forth. I love this wood skull I have. It is fits right in and it kills two birds with one stone as I like wood pieces.

The way it is made, it’s so spot on.   It’s smooth and makes me feel like it’s a real one sitting on my desk. Seems like it fits right in place.

Love it and I get comments all the time as to how cool it is.